We help people improve their focus and performance at work.  We offer coaching, team coaching, leadership development, training workshops and cultural change programmes.

We can help you understand where your organisational culture is adding or taking away value, helping or hindering your organisation’s capacity to satisfy customers, adapt to change and innovate.

We help your people re-think the way they do their work, behave and think about their work, to get more traction around change programmes such as strategy change, organisational re-structuring, new regulations, mergers and acquisitions, new systems  new business lines or product launches.

Workshop topics

– Team performance coaching

– Coaching

– Leading change

– Managing change

– Coping with change

– Our brains at work (lessons from neuroscience)

– Wellbeing

– Influencing and communication

Work from where you are now and co-create a plan that
inspires, energises and is results focussed

We work with


Organisational Culture

The ability of a business to design and deliver value is dependent upon “the way things work inside” or the “culture” that operates within.

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Change Management

Whatever the type of change journey you’re embarking on, having a framework for the change as well as a roadmap helps people “map” things out for themselves.

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Team Performance Coaching

When teams collaborate they make great things happen.  You can feel it when you’re part of a team that really gels and consistently works at it’s peak.

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Team Coaching

For more information about team coaching visit the True Team website.

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Coaching is a process of helping an individual towards increased effectiveness and well being.

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In these turbulent times, we need leaders with integrity, who know that leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.

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