Is your organisation ready to embrace the workplace of the future?

We can help you and your people embrace change and perform at their best. 

Jones Consulting specialises in helping people through change. Our approach is based on neuroscientific research into what drives individual performance and engagement in the brain.  We help clients build engagement, agility, creativity, collaboration and performance across their teams and organisations.   Instinctively we all know that partnership & collaboration is the magic elixir behind performance & profitability.   And yet, over the past 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, working remotely has been a huge barrier to effective team work.  For human beings, its so tempting for us to hunker down and work independently of others.   We can help unleash your team’s energy and embrace new ways of working.

– Develop employees

– Coach teams

– Change thinking and behaviour

– Be more innovative

– Help individuals improve their performance and enjoy what they do!

– Improve wellbeing, resilience and happiness across the organisation. 

How we work: As life transitions following the Covid-19 pandemic our team coaching and training sessions can take place either face to face or online; our 1-1 coaching is delivered online over zoom or MS Teams.

Businesses and organisations need to prepare
and re-organise to compete in the future

Is your organisation ready for the future of work?  According to the World Economic Forum, the following technology tipping points could occur by 2025

– Driverless cars equaling 10% of all cars on US roads

– The first transplant of a 3D-printed liver

– Over 50% of Internet traffic to homes for appliances and devices

– The first city with more than 50,000 people and no traffic lights

– The first AI machine on a corporate board of directors

– 10% of people wearing clothes connected to the Internet

– The first robotic pharmacist in the US

– The first 3D-printed car in production

– 5% of consumer products printed in 3D

– 90% of the population with regular access to the Internet

Organisational Culture

The ability of a business to design and deliver customer satisfaction is dependent upon “the way things work inside” or the “culture” that operates within.

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Do your senior people lead with integrity and know that leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do?

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Team Performance

When teams collaborate they make great things happen.  You can feel it when you’re part of a team that really gels and consistently works at it’s peak.

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Our accredited coaches can help individuals or teams improve their performance and wellbeing.

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Change Strategy

Whatever the type of change you’re embarking on, having the right vision and strategy is crucial for success.

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Debbie designed a tailored coach training workshop for our team. She did a great a job in understanding the diversity of our needs, and taking in account the teams different learning styles and experience. The sessions achieved a great balance of being informative and practical, and provided a range of tools and techniques that we could try out straight away.  Debbie is easy to work with and I would highly recommend working with her!

Daniel Farag, Director – Health Lab, Nesta

Debbie’s work provided valuable insight to the whole team, in particular the leadership team, both on ways of working and how the team were feeling. Debbie produced a number of documents (such as a value proposition, transformational change plan, communication plan and stakeholder plan) which we are now using to take our work forward.

Debbie was very effective in building good relationships with those in the team, which met our needs and built on the knowledge of the team. Her approach meant to felt like a temporary member of the team, rather than an external consultant.

Meghan Elkin, Head of Crime Statistics, Office for National Statistics

Debbie is an inspirational coach. She has provided me with the tools and strategies to help me implement great positive changes in both my career and personal life. Approachable and trustworthy, Debbie’s an excellent listener who knows when to stretch and challenge me, opening up my mind to exciting new possibilities. I’ve seen fast results and learned valuable skills to take into the future.

Melanie George, Communications Manager, Greenhouse Charity

I have worked with Debbie in several different roles. She led the design of a company-wide Leadership Development Academy, which has got terrific results. Debbie also helped define a better business model to allow us to engage with the employees of our clients. She has a very clear understanding of organisational change processes, and what levers to pull. And, as a coach, Debbie is perceptive and offers actionable advice. In everything Debbie does, she is professional, thorough and delivers on time. And she always does it with a smile on her face! Can’t recommend Debbie’s work enough.

Mick Yates, Associate Professor, Leeds University

Through the coaching program, Debbie has really helped me to recognise my true potential and believe that even the most stretching of goals are achievable when tackled in the right way.   She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and progress quickly with things I kept putting off.  As a result, it has allowed me to excel at what I am doing in both my business and personal life.

Her coaching style is effective as she balances challenge with encouragement and support.  The process followed was structured and clear andI am thrilled to see how much I have achieved in a short space of time with noticeable results.

I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is keen to make a change in their work or personal life.

Claire Jones, Client Director, dunnhumby Ltd. CRM Consultancy

Deborah worked with my team to help them understand the changes that the organisation needed them to make – and why – and to cope with the transformation that this would mean for them. I liked Deborah’s approach. She quickly made herself part of the leadership of the team, injecting high levels of enthusiasm and energy. She fitted in well and was very hands on making sure that the team got to know and trust her judgement. She demonstrated high levels of emotional intelligence. She understood concerns and was careful to acknowledge these whilst being positive about the future options for people. In this way she supported my vision excellently and helped me to get this across in a less threatening way. Deborah was a pleasure to work with and I would gladly work with her again.

Roma Chappell, Deputy Director Public Policy Division, Office for National Statistics