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Teamwork is crucial to achieving results

When teams collaborate they make great things happen.  You can feel it when you’re part of a team that really gels and consistently works at it’s peak.  People trust each other and collaborate well, moving through activities quickly and in good spririts.  Most importantly, great teams achieve results.

So why do so many leaders focus most of their time on other topics like strategy, finance, technology & marketing?

Because teamwork is both hard to attain and to measure.  Teamwork cannot be bought, it requires emotional energy and often requires levels of courage and discipline that even the most driven executives don’t always possess.

Do your teams collaborate well and drive results?

We can help your business create the optimal conditions for teams to:

  • Trust and collaborate with each other
  • Commit to decisions and take accountability
  • Make better decisions, quicker
  • Grow leadership
  • Improve creativity and innovative thinking
  • Perform at their best and focus on results

Systemic team coaching

Helpful when a team needs to improve performance, pull together, overcome discord, and or reach targets and goals quicker.

Team coaching is available face to face or remotely via zoom / Microsoft teams / Cisco Webex / google hangouts

Systemic team coaching is done in partnership with the team and serves both the team and what the stakeholder community needs from the team. It is a learning journey, not a one off event. A team coach offers reflection, support and stretch at many levels, individual, team, organisational and environmental. A programme of systemic team coaching will support a team of talented individuals to become greater than the sum of their parts by providing a structured, facilitated and regular opportunity for the team to get together to tackle a range of challenges such as:

  • Agreeing a shared purpose and set of performance goals
  • Delivering against and managing the expectations of different stakeholders
  • Increasing pace – running and transforming the partnership service in parallel
  • Collectively thinking through the complexity of the world today and in the future
  • Increasing the team’s capacity for working through system conflict
  • Discussing, debating and challenging each other (overcoming group think) on the important issues
  • Supporting and engaging with remote and virtual teams
  • Building trust across the team and with key stakeholders
  • Developing a learning system that can serve the capacity and capability of each team member and develop the partnership service
  • Holding each other to account for the behaviours and commitments signed up to

Virtual team coaching packages:

Team coaching support will always be tailored to the team’s specific needs:

  • A series of team coaching workshops – 2-3 hours (with breaks). When working face to face typically teams opt for around 6 day long sessions over a year, when working virtually sessions tend to be shorter and more frequent (once every 2 to 4 weeks). Team coaching is often supported by meeting observation and one to one coaching for individuals in between team coaching workshops.
  • Remote team set up – getting your team set up to perform. 90 minutes of highly-focussed coaching for your team to set goals and contract well together around ways of working.
  • Thinking partnerships – facilitated deep thinking and listening sessions to help your team achieve breakthrough around a difficult issue.

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