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Transforming cultures for innovation & adaptability

The ability of a business to design and deliver value is dependent upon “the way things work inside” or the “culture” that operates within.

Are you looking to create a business culture that motivates your people to deliver value?

We can help you:

  • Benchmark your existing culture
  • Create a compelling vision and people proposition
  • Map out the strategy to achieve the vision
  • Kick start change with engaging communications and company wide initiatives

We can assess the needs across your business, analyse results and make recommendations across the areas of:

  • Communications
  • Trust and collaboration team initiatives
  • Leadership development
  • Change management skills / skills transfer
Jones Consulting Sample Programme

Our approach to Cultural Audits includes:

  • Online assessment (to obtain quantitative data across a large segment of the culture population)
  • Qualitative, ethnographic methods which include face to face interviews, observation studies in each location and evaluative studies of key business drivers (external, competitive factors as well as internal processes and risks)
Adapted from “A Whole System Approach to Change: Building a Values-Driven Organisation”, Richard Barrett, 2006


As a values driven company, we start any cultural audit with a review of values.  As such we highly recommend using “Corporate Transformation Tools” (CTT) for assessing culture and values.  However, we are trained in a variety of methodologies and tools and where possible we will align our recommendations with the tools and processes already in use in your HR department and other business programmes.

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